My Workspace

Just in case any of you want to see the environment that I paint in, here it is. Good light is essential. I also included a peek at my bits collection for my Eldar and Harlequins. I have other Imperial figs and bits and a reasonable amount of Dark Eldar figs, but the Eldar stuff is my true horde. Much of it is lead, though my new Eldar force is being based almost totally on newer pewter figures.
All the essentials are here: a painting palette, a paper towel for wiping paint off on, brushes laid out, figures mounted on jars for easy handling, a directable light source, and a refreshing can of Coke. Do you see the circular stands in the corner with jars of paint on them? They are empty CD-ROM spools from work.
I like to keep shelves near wherever I am working to hold bulky items and all the tools and accessories I am not currently using.

This is my main source of conversion parts, a HUGE stash of Eldar pieces, much of it lead. No, I don't work for GW, I just have wasted a whole lot of money on this hobby. But then again, if I wanted to save money, I would play Magic: the Gathering...