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This is Games Workshop's main page. From here, you can order miniatures or find out about the latest GW products.
Reaper produces many excellent fantasy figures by some of the best figures sculptors in the world, including Werner Klocke and Sandra Garrity.
Fantization is my favorite online retailer for hard to find figure lines such as Confrontation. They are fast and reliable!
One of the best conventions on the West Coast! If you are into figure painting, then this is a can't miss event if you live in the Western US. Events here are hosted by a number of Golden Demon winning painters.
Armorcast use to make resin vehicles for 40K (including Titans), but now they make some of the best and most durable manufactured gaming terrain around. Check them out.
My favorite online forum! Waryammer is officially dedicated to all tabletop wargames, but features a well established community with a maturity I find missing in many gaming forums.
Cool Mini or Not is a fun little place to post your miniatures and let other people rate them. The votes can be a little odd at times, but there are a lot of great figures to be seen here.
The most famous Games Workshop Rumor site on the web. Portent also features an extremely active Forum area.
Great site for coverage of events in the minatures world. I have heard that Terry, the site's owner is a great person to play Lunch Money with as well!
Not exactly a forum, but Stuff of Legends is the best visual reference online for rare, unreleased, and out of production miniatures from all manufacturers.
Matt Gubser's gallery and workshop. Matt does some absolutely amazing conversion work and has started free-lance figure sculpting for some manufacturers. Matt also paints for hire competition quality figures. Visit his site for his gallery and well-written articles.
Laszlo Jakusovszky's painting gallery and workshop. One of the best figure painters in the western United States!
Online home of Jeff Wilhelm, multiple Golden Demon winner. Also home to one of the best basing tutorials I have ever seen online.
Golden Demon winner CJ Cummings' online art dojo. Home of the Raging Gaijin "Kick Ass!" Seal of Approval. is the home of Dominic Heutelbeck. It is also the home of the Visions in Colour and Visions in Putty international painting and sculpting events.
This is the homepage of Golden Demon Winner Bobby Wong. His Space Marines are amazing! A must-see gallery!
Sean Patten's site is an AMAZING collection of terrain and other modeling projects, including a phenomenal scratch-built Thunderhawk Gunship. This site is a must see!
Dragon-Miniatures is home to proffessional painter Mayne Thiele. Not only is he an inspirational painter, but his tutorial section is top notch!
Jennifer Haley is one of the most famous figure painters in the world. Her work appears flawless with the subtlety of ceramics. Her site has some helpful advice as well as her beautifully painted figures.
Fantasy Miniatures - A gallery of painted fantasy and sf miniatures by Holger Schmidt, a professional German mini painter.
Former 'Eavy Metal painter Tammy Haye's online gallery.
Home of multiple Golden Demon Slayer Sword Winner, Jakob Rune Nielsen.
Arjay's Land of the Diminutive...
Home of Jason Richards, mutliple US Golden Demon winner.
Brett DeWald's miniature gallery.
Slapping Paint is Craig Stocks' miniature gallery page.
Eric Louchard's online miniature gallery.
A site dedicated to terrain building. This place is EXTENSIVE. Plenty of tips, advice, and inspiration.
Konversions is a very well designed site dedicated to the art of Warhammer 40K conversions. They run regular contests, and feature a lot of great work.
Probably the best designed DIY Chapter site to be found on the web. The chapter history and fluff are very well developed, the conversions are well done and clean, the painting is great, and the page itself is fantastic! If anyone wants a good example of webpage design, this is it.
A Wave Serpent is the main troop transport for Eldar forces, yet there are no immediate plans to release on from GW. Roy Bann has the best conversion kit I've seen to make a falcon into a Wave Serpent. And you can download the plans for free now.
This is the home of the Farill Elach Craftworld. Another great source of Eldar galleries, inspiration, and tactics.
This is a really creative, helpful little tool. This site has a model of an Eldar Guardian and a Space Marine and a Flash tool that lets you adjust the color of almost every little bit of the model. Using this, you can see what a color scheme will look like before spending all the time to paint it.
The online Eldar Language guide.
Home of Jeremy's Emeral Tigers Space Marine chapter. This is also a good general 40K Hobby site with good articles on building ruins, stripping figures, and other generally useful info.
Agis Page of miniature painting and gaming.