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December 10, 2004

Nothing of my own to update, but still wanted to drop a quick word that my wonderful wife has not only been getting into miniature painting, but has actually put together a site of her own!


Not much there yet, but she'll be adding to it quickly I am sure!

October 31, 2004

Ok, I finally posted my finished Monique de Noir figure to my Main Gallery. I actually updated the gallery page almost a week ago, but life has been busy, and I have not had time until today to post an update. I have also added Monique to my Sales Page, for those that are interested.

Speaking of sales, I have updated my Sales Page to include a number of my display figures. I have not yet posted a handful of my best minis, but rest assured that even those will eventually appear for sale. I am also working on a number of gaming quality D&D and 40K figures that I will be posting for sale.

I have been receiving a number of requests to explain the Gately Goop method of speed painting that I have been playing with lately. I will be attempting to write a complete description and tutorial as soon as possible, so keep an eye here...

You may have also noticed that I finally updated my Hot Links on the right side. One of my additions is Mayne's Widowmaker unit that I strongly suggest you check out. Not only is the finished result amazing, but he took the time to write up one of the best Work In Progress tutorials I have seen. In fact, his entire site kicks ass!

And for those of you playing Dawn of War, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Relic's modding tools. At the very least, I plan on making a number of maps for the game, if not try to throw in an help with one of the various modding projects going on. Since video game design is what I do for a living, I hope to bring a more polished effort to fan created content...

October 19, 2004

The wedding has come and gone and I am now a happily married man! Even luckier is that my wife has also been painting miniatures for the last year, so she doesn't think my fascination with little toy soldiers all that odd! ;)

I have updated my Works In Progress page with a write-up on Monique DeNoir from Reaper. The figure is actually almost complete (beyond what is shown in the write-up). All I need to do is add a last little bit of detail to the base and photograph it, and it will be finished!

I have also been playing Dawn of War, the newest Warhammer 40K game. It is really well done. The folks at Relic should be proud! The did a fantastic job of really capturing the feel of the Warhammer 40K universe. The voice acting in particular is top notch!

That's all for now, but look for another update in the next few days. In addition to a finished Monique, I'll be adding some of my display miniatures to my sale page (but will not be auctioning them). Take care!

September 23, 2004

No, I am not dead! You'll forgive me if I have had little time for updates, as my wedding day swiftly approaches - just 9 days to go! I did recently sell some more figures on eBay, and so I have updated my Sales page to mark things as sold, and have listed a new figure for sale, my Imperial Bounty Hunter.

I have also finished converting my Archives to my new format (and also took new pictures of some of those old models). It should look nicer and be a bit easier to navigate now. Hopefully...

Anyway, that is all I have time for today!

August 9, 2004

Finally finished and photographed my Arminius model!

That's all for now...

Chronophague sailed to a well-deserved win in B&C's recent Dreadnought contest with this amazing piece.

Mayne crafted a stunning unit of Widowmakers. This is a must see!

Nano has returned to my Hot Links with this winner from the 2004 UK GD!

Arjay from LotD recently produced this creepy Skarrd Abomination.

This Vyper conversion and display base perfectly capture the Eldar spirit!

The highlighting on this Monique DeNoir is nearly flawless!

Mike McCuen's Chaos Spawn is appropriately... disturbing...

Alexi Z posted this amazing piece on CMoN. It reminds me of a Brom painting!

Arjay did a wonderful job on this Sykho Volesterus figure!