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This is a fairly extensive conversion of an older, lead Wraithlord figure. Most of the joints have been cut apart and rebuilt with Green Stuff. I did this instead of just bending the joints so that they would look right. I often see bent Wraithlord limbs when people try to repose them, and it has always struck me as silly. The joints bend, not the limbs. The Starcannon has been given a grip and is being handheld. I cut apart all of the fingers on that hand so that it could hold the gun grip. I filed away the back-of-the-hand weapons and instead put a pair of old Eldar lasguns mounted to the chin. I play these just like Shuriken Catapults. The back fin is from an Eldar Titan and the head scoop is more Green Stuff.

Year painted: 2000

Parts used:

  • Wraithlord Head, Torso, Right & Left Arm, and Right & Left Arm (all lead)
  • Epic Phantom Titan Missile Launcher Wing - oop (lead)
  • Eldar Star Cannon (GW# 010407905)
  • Eldar Weapon Sprue - oop
  • "Green Stuff"
  • Brass Rod