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This is the catch all place where I can just infrequently update about what I am working on that doesn't pertain to an actual project.

Above, you can see my current portable workspace. I bought the wooden tray for $4 from Michael's Craft store. It is a handy way of transporting my current projects from my bedroom to the coffee table where I currently do most of my work. Obviously my collection of figures and materials is MUCH larger than this, but this represents what I am working on at a given moment.

I am taking a quick break from GW figures to paint up some various fantasy figures. I am just about done with a Confrontation Musketeer figure and am trying a quick technique on a Confrontation Fianna. After that, I will be attempting the same speed technique on a Reaper Half-Ogre. The Female Barbarian is just a fast side project.

The speed technique I am experimenting with is one locally known as the Gately Goop method. I will see how it goes. Additionally, I am going to be playing with water effects on the Half-Ogre's base.