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Year painted: 2000

I converted this figure in the summer of 1997, but never got around to painting it at the time. That is probably for the best, since it is a very nice, if simple conversion. I couldn't possibly have done the paint job on it then that it now has.

The basic figure is an old lead Shadow Seer. The right arm is from a pewter Cold One Rider. The left arm is my ever favorite plastic power fist. The sword is a plastic power sword, also from the Eldar Assault Weapons sprue. I drilled a hole straight through the right fist and pinned the hilt straight through into the sword blade so that the figure appeared to be hold a very long hilted weapon. Though you cannot see it, the figure is also wearing a jump pack (obviously this was another v2 conversion). The jump pack is basically a Swooping Hawk backpack without the wings, since according to the fluff, those packs are basically jump packs with wings to add control.

I am particularly pleased with how the face plate came out. I painted it like a huge gem, but shaded very gradually. It took four or five attempts before I got the white highlight exactly how I wanted it.

Parts used:

  • Harlequin Shadow Seer - oop
  • Dark Elf Cold One Knight Lance - oop (GW# 021200802)
  • Eldar Swooping Hawk Wings - oop (GW# 010401204)
  • Eldar Assault Weapon Sprue - oop