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I am currently working on revamping my entire Eldar force. I decided to start with the elements for a Ranger force first since it fit in with some conversion I wanted to do. For my actual Path Finder units, I decided to update their look using elements of the new Guardian plastic sprue. These include head swaps, replacing all of the original small clips with the extended clips, mounting a newer sighting system to the top of the gun, and adding on belt sections with grenades and extra clips. Above you can see the converted figures primed and waiting to be painted.

To the left is a before-primer close-up of the other head swap I did. To remove the old head, I had to smooth out the area above the shoulders. To compensate for this, I had to build up the neck and add a collar with Green Stuff. The patches of Green Stuff on the base are carved with a banded rock texture, and will blend in well to the final desert base (even if the detail is hard to make out in the photo).

To the left, you can see all of the pieces I used in this conversion. The head is pinned into place using brass rod, as is the new sight and clip. Below, you can get a good look at where I drilled holes for the pins, as well as see that not only did I remove the original head cleanly so that it might be used elsewhere, but also that I tried other heads before settling for the helmeted head for my conversion.