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I originally started painting Monique DeNoir for a painting contest on Waryammer. The idea for that part of the contest was that we would all paint the same figure. Sadly, my summer was just too busy, and I was not able to finish the figure in time for the contest. But I felt obligated to eventually finish it anyway, contest or not...

For this figure, I decided to attempt a balance between speed and detail. I painted all the base colors, and then "Gooped" the figure for quick shading. It worked quite well with the armor. I then rehighlighted everything. Monique DeNoir is supposed to be a vampire figure, but I decided to go for something a bit more noble or heroic looking, hence the brighter color scheme.

I removed the original cast base the figure was on and remounted it onto a built up Citadel 25m square base. This in turn fits into a scenic 50mm round Citadel base and is held in place with Rare Earth magnets. The scenic base was built up with wood and Green Stuff. When finished, it should look like Monique is entering an ancient ruin through an old window space.

I had orignally planned to make this a winter display base, but then opted against it and decided to make it a much more autumn like base with lots of fallen leaves. Unfortunately in my haste, I spray-sealed the mini before the super glue on the leaves had dried and this resulted in much of the glue getting a white frosty look. Luckily, while unintended, it wasn't a horrible effect, and so I built on it by returning to my original winter base idea. All told, I spent somewhere between 6-8 hours actually working on this figure, though this does not include time I wasted trying to figure out where I had left materials such as the snow... So for me, this is certainly a speed figure! I realize that many of you faster painters will consider this somewhat sad on my part...

Year Painted: 2004

Monique: From Beginning To End...
(Each image is a link to a full-size copy)
Just after priming... Monique on her smaller base in white, and the larger scenic base in black.
All the base colors applied, and ready for "Goop"...
At this point, the "Goop" shading has been applied over the entire figure, and I have repainted some of the base shades, including rehighlighting all of the armor.
This is just showing the figure set into its scenic base again.
All of the green trim areas have been highlighted. I decided to go for some more extreme highlighting than I normally do. I also added a tiny little bit of trim detail to the edge of the green cloth.
The purple and brown has been highlighted. The flesh tones have also been painted.
The scenic base has been painted and detailed. The figure is done.