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Black Templar Champion - Photographer Unknown

Well, this doesn't really qualify for much of a work-in-progress yet (though it is... slowly), but it is still cool enough to mention. This is a Space Marine model sculpted by Mark Bedford and never released for sale. It was sculpted around the same time the 3rd edition plastic Space Marine models were being designed and as a result, this model has styling familiar to both 2nd edition and 3rd edition Space Marines.

It was sculpted as a test piece and so was never intended for sale to the public. However, it was later slightly resculpted and then as a limited edition model known as Captain Draco. The changes made can be seen in the photo to the right and include a curved ammo clip, a new head, tunic, and a sword replacing the grenade in the right hand.

I plan to paint this model in Pre-Heresy Death Guard colors, and possibly be given an Honor Guard. This model will not be converted, following my policy of cutting up all limited edition models, but leaving unreleased models in their original form.

When complete, this figure will be named Captain Satarel...