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I am also working on a bunch of Space Marines just for fun. I love the plastic Marines. They have SO much opportunity for conversions, especially with the range of sprues offered and the interchangeability between chaos and loyalist.

For this first conversion, I wanted to have a marine in a very dynamic pose. I started with the sword from Azrael as the basis for this conversion. I know that starting with a weapon is an odd place to begin with a conversion, but the sword was just too cool, and the way the hand grasps it, while very static on Azrael, was perfect for a swept back look. Again, this figure is heavily pinned which not only makes it stronger, but helped me finalize my positioning. There is one pin that goes from the sword all the way up into the shoulder. A second pin passes through both shoulders and the torso. The result of these long pins is a great deal of accurate articulation. There full rotation at at the sword arm's wrist and elbow and at both shoulders. When I had the upper body posed the way I wanted, I glued it all in place. It does not matter that I drill through the shoulders so that pins are sticking out. Since marines wear shoulder pads, I eventually snip the excess pin off and glue the shoulder pads into place.

The legs came from the assault Marine sprue. Instead of having the normal pose of the Marine moving forward, I cut the bent leg at the hip and repositioned it so that the Marine was stepping forward and up. The leg is pinned, and I filled the resulting gap with a blend of Green Stuff and Milliput. Once the legs were finished, it was an easy matter to pose the lower and upper body sections and add the head. There are also pin holes in his feet so that I can mount him to his base.

Here are two more views of the fully assembled Marine. You can click on the small images to get a larger view (which will open in a new window). I made a quick base, but I will likely only use that as a temporary base. I am not happy with it, and I now have a better idea...

I am part way through this conversion as well. Sometimes, I just pulling out bits, and as I do, conversion ideas occur to me. This is especially true of Space Marines as there are just so many parts to choose from. This marine is a result of one of those occasions.

I kind of liked the idea of building a marine with a flame thrower that looked more dynamic than the poses I normally see. I have also been doing a lot of research into the World Wars, and wanted to incorporate the stylistic look of hose connected to a back fuel tank. So I decided to give this guy two flamers, and custom built a tank for the back pack. My first attempt was to use a jump pack with the jets cut off as a base, but half-way through, I abandoned that as just too bulky. So I started again, this time using a standard back pack. I added a center tank made from a cut down Meltabomb, and two side tanks made from a Land Speeder bit. I still need to add some putty work to the entire figure (especially the fuel tanks and some goggles on the marine's face) and add hoses to the guns. I am also going to try modelling flames coming out. He will eventually be mounted to a 30mm base which will in turn mount to a a 50mm scenic base.

I also did this quick minor conversion of a Marine with a missile launcher. I thought the default launcher was too small so I extended this one with a bit of brass tubing. When adding a bit like this, it is important to add some details that visually break up where your joins are. These details fool the eye and hide the fact that you converted the figure once it is painted. I used a bit of plastic strip to connect the front and the back of the launcher.

And last, two more Marines. Nothing special, but I like the poses...