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I originally started this figure in 2002, but got too busy with a new job to find much time to keep painting. All I had done at the time was the green areas. Having finally found time to get back into my favorite hobby, I immediately set out to finish this figure.

This figure is one of my first attempts to work with a greater range of shading from shadow to highlight. I wanted to bring up the highlights to a much brighter level than I used to do to give this figure a bit more "pop". At the same time, I wanted to paint a figure in more natural colors than I have traditionally used. Overall, I am pleased with the results. The blending on the green over coat is extremely smooth. The flesh tones and the browns also came out well. I am less pleased by the shoulder cape. I should have done less shadows, and made them less severe. But in the end, I was too eager to finish this figure and move on to something new. Oh well, next time...

The base was also an experiment of sorts. I wanted to go for a more scenic base than what I had done previously on my Howling Banshee Exarch model. This time I wanted something very natural. I opted to have him stand next to a shallow stream. This would be my first attempt at putting water on a base, and it would prove problematic. This was just before KublaCon 2004, so I wanted to enter him in that painting contest. The day before the contest, I was finishing his base, and I was going to use a two-part water material that a friend was lending me. Sadly, he hadn't used it in a while and the metal container it came in had glued itself solidly shut! Desperate for some alternative with the contest in less than twenty-four hours, I searched through my hobby materials, and tried a mix of acrylic glass stain and clear acrylic gloss to simulate the water. It was a total failure. It mostly leaked out the of the form I had built to hold it, and what remained took forever to dry. I admitted defeat and set it aside for a few weeks. I finally went out and acquired the Realistic Water product from Woodland Scenics. It was simple to use and worked much better.

The base itself is sculpted from Green Stuff epoxy putty. The figure fits into a circular depression and is held in place by a small Rare Earth Magnet.

Year painted: 2004

Parts used:

  • Griffon Musketeer from Rackham
  • "Green Stuff" (for base)
  • Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics (for base)