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A while back there was a discussion on one mailing list I was on where many people were having something of a fit that anyone would dare cut up a limited edition figure as valuable as Sgt. Centurius. So I went I immediately bought one in an auction and did just that.

The right arm has been cut off and replaced with a Terminator Thunder Hammer arm. I removed the original right arm cleanly and saved it since it was a very cool bit. To counterbalance the visual weight of the hammer above the figure's head, I extended the shaft of it using brass rod and tubing. The elbow was rebuilt out of "Green Stuff". The left arm was replaced with a plastic left arm, and the Plasma Pistol came from the Marine Assault Sprue. There is one single brass rod that extends from the hand holding the pistol, through the plastic arm, and into the metal figure. Considering that the arm was free standing in an extended position, I wanted to maximize its strength. A similar extensive pin reinforces the right elbow join as well. The cloaked back pack came from another limited edition figure, the original Games Day Marine Captain from 1991. It is adorned with skulls that are not visible in this photo.

The figure was painted primarily in GW acrylic paints. I am particularly happy with the detailing of the face. The bone pieces were deliberately painted semi-rough to leave them with a dry dusty look.


Year painted: 2000

Parts used:

  • Limited Edition Sergeant Centurious Figure
  • Terminator Thunder Hammer (GW# 010104303)
  • Cloak from 1991 Games Day Space Marine Captain (GW# LE4)
  • Space Marine Assault Left Arm Assault Sprue (GW# 99380101008)
  • Brass Rod and Tubing
  • "Green Stuff"