These are older Warhammer 40K Eldar figures from Games Workshop and Citadel.

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Eldar Warlock

I loved this Walock, and painted it without conversions. This is one of the last gaming pieces I painted before I shifted my focus to display pieces. I think it shows in this figure, as I am still quite proud of the paint job on it.


Eldar Warlock

Another Warlock I painted without conversions. Again, I am quite pleased with the painting.


Eldar Female Warlock
This is an extensive conversion of a Female Warlock. The figure is built on the body of an old Jes Goodwin Howling Banshee warrior. The head and rune armor come from an old Warlock figure. The left arm is from a plastic Eldar sprue, and the right arm is from a really old Rogue Trader era Eldar figure.


Eldar Farseer
The original Farseer model. I still like it better than anyone they have put out since. I painted this figure a long, long time ago, but it was good for the time...


Eldar Farseer

The conversion is built from the old Dire Avenger Exarch. I cut off the head and re-sculpted the right shoulder where the hair from the Dire Avenger had been. I cut off the pointing left arm (which appeared later in my Dark Reaper Exarch conversion) and replaced it with a plastic Eldar power fist. I removed the head from another Warlock figure, hollowed out the bottom, and glued it into the hand of the power fist so that the figure appeared to be holding his helmet. I removed the head from one of the old armless lead guardians and attached it to this figure. I also cut of the Dire Sword, and replaced it with the blade from a Warlock. I attached a back pack that I made by cutting the wings from a Swooping Hawk jumppack, to represent a jumppack under v2 rules (same thing I did with my Shadow Seer conversion). I also tried to create a cape, but that was beyond my ability at that time so I left it off. Last, I made a very crude attempt at rune armor using baked sculpy clay on the chest. Like I said, this is a very early conversion for me, so my skills were still in their infancy.

The basic green part of the armor was painted years ago (and hence is very poorly highlighted and not blended). The rest was painted recently. That said, I still didn't spend as much time finishing this figure as I would most of my character models, since I was basically so tired of seeing the partially done figure on my work bench that I decided to finally do something with it.


Eldar Storm Guardians
Just some basic close combat Guardians I painted during the second edition rule set...


Eldar Guardian Defenders
A very basicly painted Eldar Guardian squad...


Eldar Heavy Weapon Platforms
These two Heavy Weapon platforms and their crew came out quite well. I am especially pleased with the weapons...


Eldar Wraithlord
Originally, this was an Eldar Dreadnought with a D-Cannon. But then they stopped calling them Dreadnoughts and stopped letting them carry D-Cannons...


Eldar Wraithlord
A very simple conversion I did long ago. I cut the left arm at the elbow and pinned on an old Eldar Lascannon. Prior to third edition, Wraithlords could have a single arm and a heavy weapon, so this was my take on that...


Eldar War Walker
A basic, unconverted War Walker.


Eldar Wraithlord (unfinished)
This is an extensive conversion of an Eldar Wraithlord. This figure has been cut at multiple joints and re-modeled with Green Stuff to create a more fluid pose. I also added hints of details that are based on the Dark Reaper aspect (skulls and leg bracing) so that it could go with an Aspect army theme. For this reason, the model is armed with a Missile Launcher, a Shuriken Catapult, and a Flamer.