These are older Warhammer 40K Eldar figures from Games Workshop and Citadel.

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Howling Banshees & Exarch

This is a conversion of the original Howling Banshee Exarch figure. The head is cut off and repositioned. This required me to fill in new hair, as there was more space on the back. This was very easily done with Milliput. The pistol hand was twisted around to make it aim where the figure is looking. The other arm came from a non-exarch Banshee, though the upper arm is again made from Milliput and Squadron putty. The meltagun on the back is from a plastic sprue, and the sling is metal wire that was hammered flat and smooth against a steel plate and then bent to shape across the body.


Howling Banshee Exarch

This was actually the second 40K fig I did a real conversion on, and the oldest one that I will still show. The first was a Dark Reaper with shuriken cannon that was really bad. I sold it at a con for $5 a couple of years ago, and have been mortified to see it show up at a game in another con since. Better I had taken a hammer to it...

Anyway, this conversion is actually quite light and amounts to basically a weapon swap. The left arm was replaced by a power fist. I moved the thumb around to hold the power sword. I removed the axe above the hand, replacing it with the melta-gun, but left the bottom part of the handle, as I liked the shotgun type look it gave it. I might use that trick again, but on a different figure.


Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors
A squad of original Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors as sculpted by Jes Goodwin. Most Fire Dragons are painted too brightly for my tastes, so with this squad, I went for a more burnt finish. Green highlights ensure that this unit still stands out well on the table-top.


Fire Dragon Exarch
This is an extensive conversion of a Fire Dragon Exarch. It was based on the original Fire Dragon Exarch figure, but I completely recarved the chest and repositioned the head. I also gave it a pair of dragon styled wings and a large spear (intended to represent the Executioner weapon).


Dark Reaper Exarch

I was sitting at work bored one day, sitting in someone else's cubicle, when I looked up and noticed a Janet Jackson poster this guy had hanging. It was that one where Janet has her hands above her head and a pair of hands are coming from behind her back to cover her breasts, and I thought it would make a cool figure.

The legs are from a Striking Scorpion Exarch, but I've filed down and/or filled in most of the ridges so that they wouldn't look very scorpion like. I also removed tassle from the gem over the knee. I then took the torso of the helmetless female guardian and clipped it just below the waist. I had to do a little fill and sculpt work around the waist and abdomen with Milliput. Both upper arms are made from Squadron putty and Milliput. The pointing lower arm and hand come from a Dire Avenger Exarch, and the other lower arm came from the same Scorpion Exarch as the legs. The cannon is Maugetar, minus the scythe blade. The ammo/power feed is made from pieces of skeletal horse spine from the old Skeleton Army Box Set, as well as the skull they connect to. The skeletal arms and hands covering the chest are made from more plastic skeleton pieces and Milliput.


Dark Reaper Aspect Warriors
Just a basic Dark Reaper squad I painted up a very long time ago...


Swooping Hawk Exarch
This paint job did not come out how I wanted really. I hate the colors. I was intending something much darker, but before I knew it, I had Captain America. Blah. Unfortunately, the conversion is legal in v3, so I now use this figure. As far as the conversion, all I really did here, was clip the Swooping Hawk Exarch at the knees, and attach them to the knees and legs of a Dire Avenger. I had to bend the left leg forward to the knee to get this pose. I also removed the head to reposition it facing forward. The wings are gently bent forward and the tails gently swept back to give them a more dynamic feel.


Warp Spider Aspect Warriors
Just a basic Warp Spider squad I painted up a long while ago...


Striking Scorpion Exarch
This is another extensive conversions. On this figure, I wanted to create something that looked more menacing than the old Exarch. So I created this very Predator inspired figure. It is armed with a LasBlaster (based on 2nd edition stats) and a Power Fist built to look like a massive claw. I created the claw by combining an Eldar Power Fist and an Ork Power Claw.


Striking Scorpion Aspect Warrior
This figure is by itself and not part of a squad. I never painted any more than this one. It is a clean bright paintjob, and I was happy at the time with how it came out, but wasn't inspired enough to paint an entire squad...