Do you paint for hire?

Unfortunately, no. My painting style is far too slow to make it worthwhile to paint for other people. Not only do I have far more stuff of my own to paint, I tend to have limited time to paint these days. The closest I come to this is when I sell off old figs that I don't want to see anymore or never plan on using.

What does your name mean? Is it really a business?

No, it is not a business. A cento is normally an obscure writing term, but more generally, it is anything made of incongruous parts, like a patchwork. I liked the word, and it seemed terribly appropriate to the style of conversion work myself and many others do. At the time, I was mostly playing BattleTech, and adopted the name as a fictional Mech design company. Cento Industries was born. Since then, all my figure work has been attributed to Cento Industries.

What brand of paints do you use?

Vallejo as much as possible. Their pigment is fine and the color saturation is high, so their coverage is excellent even when really thinned down. I also use some GW paints, but I can't give enough praise to the Vallejo line.

How do you come up with your color schemes?

Many places. I keep my eyes open for colors that work well. I have a art book of Masamune Shirow I sometimes use for inspiration. I have also gotten ideas from motorcycle paint schemes and racing leathers as well as historical uniforms. Inspiration is all around us, just look for it.

How can I get in contact with you?

That's fairly easy. I can be reached through this site at cento@bananaking.net.