Andrew Poutiatine

This is a simply amazing attempt by Andrew Poutiatine to create a highly polished metel effect using the NMM style. The figure is from Rackham's Confrontation line.

If you look closely, you can see the red sash reflected in the armor. The blue clothing is also reflected. And looking deep into the armor, you can see the horizon in the distance!

And that isn't all that sets this figure apart - if you look at the back side of the shield, you can see an astounding level of painted on wood texture. I have seen this figure in person, and it honestly looks like wood!

Andrew doesn't have a webiste for his work right now, but you can bet I'll post a link if he ever does!

And if you want you can see even LARGER images of this figure:

Large Image - Front

Large Image - Back

50% Painted - Front

50% Painted - Back

And last, I would like to thank Andrew for allowing me to post his wonderful figure on my site.