More About Me



My name is Chris, and I have no idea on why you might be reading this except that you have some sick need to click on every button on a web page. So to fill this space up, here's a little about me. I'm 31. I almost never play 40K anymore, having an extreme shortage of time it seems. I started playing in January of 1991, but I began buying 40K figures around the time they first started coming out, about 1987 as I recall. For a long while, I was working at D&J Hobby & Crafts in Campbell, CA, and managed to spend basically all my income on games. I have since decreased this collection to manageable level, now only maintaining an active interest in Warhammer 40K. My first love with Warhammer is painting and converting miniatures, and it is this that brought me into the game in the first place.

Early Miniature

I have been painting since I was 11. My first figures were so horribly bad, that I'm pretty much convinced that anyone can learn to paint if I can. I improved quickly, and by the time I was 14, I had painted the Terminator you see to the left. I don't like it much now, but I think it was good for the time. At this point, I do all those things that you read about in painting guides but that seem like such a time consuming waste. It might seem tedious, but painting from a palette, thinning the paints, and blending can make such a difference on the final model. That being said, I don't care how much of a masterpiece your figures are, if most of your army is still waiting to be painted, the guy with the simply, cleanly painted army will always look better on the table top than your army. So learn to paint cleanly, and learn to get a basic force fielded first, then concentrate on the tricks. Of course, while I know the lesson, I rarely seem able to follow it.

I live in San Francisco and am to a wonderful woman who not only understands my miniature hobby, but often paints with me. I am currently a game Designer for Factor 5 and most recently worked on the Rebel Strike game for the Nintendo Game Cube. Previous to this, I was a Designer at 3DO and a Quality Assurance Manager for Mattel Interactive, having having ended up there through many purchases and reorganizations since I was originally hired at SSI.

So anyway, I can't think of anything more to ramble about, but if I feel like rambling some more, I will add to this, or even better, maybe at some point I'll actually organize this part into something cohesive... but probably not.